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Of Earth Hour and a Thousand Cranes

As part of its social awareness initiative, R.E.A.L International School, Suria Campus (RISS) embarked on two projects as a way of reaching out and contributing in some form or another, towards the current happenings of the world. Simply put, these projects were avenues for the teachers and students to do their bit in making the[...]

R.E.A.L Schools & Celebrities “Stand Up & Speak Out” against Bullying

Bullying has no place in today’s modern times and society. As such, R.E.A.L Schools took a huge step towards raising greater awareness amongst its students on the subject by organizing the ‘Stand Up, Speak Out’ anti-bullying campaign at its Suria Campus in Cheras on 3March 2014. While the issue of bullying in school is nothing[...]

A ‘Civic’ Duty to the Needy

Taking some time off their weekends was a small but worthwhile sacrifice for two groups of Senior 5 students from R.E.A.L Schools, Suria Campus, Cheras as they embarked on two charitable activities in and around Kuala Lumpur. Organized by the school’s Civic Department, the first group comprising 22 students from Senior 5 ‘Wisdom’ class made[...]