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Surians Brighten Up Orphans’ Day

There will always be needs within our community and for R.E.A.L Schools; we wish to meet those needs as best as we can. In doing so, it also serves as a wonderful opportunity for students to get involved in helping the needy and being engaged with them. In May this year, the Civic Department of[...]

Crafting Your Career at R.E.A.L Kids

Aspiring preschool teachers can look forward to enjoying an enriching environment for personal growth as well as a meaningful and progressive career pathway at R.E.A.L Kids. […] The post Crafting Your Career at R.E.A.L Kids appeared first on R.E.A.L Kids. R.E.A.L Kids » Uncategorized

Inspiring Leaders of the Future

Are leaders born or made? Either way, many would argue that there are fewer things more important to human activity than sound leadership. Good and effective leadership is vital to every facet of business and life. In order to inculcate this quality from young, 65 students and nine teachers from Sekolah Seri Suria embarked on[...]

R.E.A.L Reaches Out to Nepal

R.E.A.L Education Group raised a total of RM15,000 for the victims of the recent earthquakes that struck Nepal. In a space of just three weeks, two devastating earthquakes occurred near its capital of Kathmandu.  Upon hearing news of the catastrophe, students and teachers of both R.E.A.L Schools and R.E.A.L Kids, both part of R.E.A.L Education[...]