A Week of Scientific Wonder and Intrigue

It is common practice for R.E.A.L Schools to offer unique student experiences, whether in terms of academic pursuits or extracurricular endeavours. The R.E.A.L curriculum is one that is focused on creating a dynamic, active learning environment that promotes essential critical thinking skills, creativity and mutual collaboration among students and teachers alike.

With this in mind, various events are organized each year to enhance students’ knowledge and exposure towards a particular subject. An example of such an event is ‘Science Week’, which was held at R.E.A.L Schools National, Cheras Campus. This annual affair serves as an avenue to foster greater interest in the field of Science as well as to encourage continuous student involvement in school activities. It is also open to both parents and members of the community.

The week-long event is dedicated towards providing a hands-on or practical learning platform for students to further understand the application of Science in daily life. They were able to observe and infer how theories that they learn in class are put into practice. Among the many interesting activities and competitions offered in the latest instalment of Science Week include:

  • Project on how to create a prototype that floats and sinks
  • Postal drawing competition
  • Project to differentiate between Mass and Weight, metal and non-metal, plant cells and animal cells, as well as air pollution and the importance of standard units
  • Project on:
    • taking care of a pregnant mother’s health
    • technological devices that overcome the limitations of sight and hearing
  • Model-making of the Periodic Table and Mitosis & Meosis
  • Project on the nitrogen cycle, coagulation of latex, as well as the effects of fat and alcohol on human health


As part of the fair; puzzles, quizzes, Science exhibitions and even educational trips to Aquaria KLCC were carried out throughout the week. The school’s Science Department even hosted a ‘Movie Presentation on Environmental Pollution’, which aimed to spread greater awareness on the topic as well as to cultivate the values of love, respect and appreciation for Mother Nature and her beauty.

All in all, this most recent edition of the R.E.A.L Schools, Cheras Campus Science Week proved to be another success in terms of response and participation. It is hoped that such school initiatives are able to sow the seeds of interest in Science among students from a young age, nurturing some of them into future scientists who are able to put their knowledge and skills to good use; benefitting society, the nation and possible even mankind in the process.

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