R.E.A.L Education Group

R.E.A.L Education is about Transformation

Putting transformation at the heart of education, it is our aim to transform lives in every community through learning. The journey of R.E.A.L Education began 30 years ago with its first establishment in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. A peaceful and spacious campus with a modern pedagogy and learning environment opened the eyes of parents to a new way of educating and bringing up children.

As one of the leading educational groups in Malaysia, we provide a complete range of quality and integrated programmes that cater to different learning needs from toddlers to children and young adults. The depth and breadth of services offered enable us to engage across all key transformative development stages of an individual.

To date, R.E.A.L Education remains a leading education service provider that has successfully bred excellence in thousands of graduates, who are well-rounded both academically and personally. The Group is currently operating a portfolio of premier education brands with over 15,000 students and a workforce of 1,500 dedicated teachers and staff; building the best of education for tomorrow’s leaders.