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A Pink Ribbon Day for R.E.A.L Kids USJ 12

At R.E.A.L, we believe that we can only leave a significant impact on society through sustained community programmes. Our commitment to various causes is reflected by a wide range of Community Outreach Events (COE) that we organize throughout the year. These are primarily aimed at benefitting our surrounding communities; whether by means of running social[...]

A Fun Fundraising Run at Cahaya

Early last month; a long-distance race ‘with a difference’ took place at R.E.A.L Schools, Cahaya Campus, Shah Alam and its neighbouring surrounds of Kayangan Heights. The concept of the ‘colour run’, which was inspired by the Hindu festival of Holi, made its debut in the United States when the event first took place in March[...]

Surians Brighten Up Orphans’ Day

There will always be needs within our community and for R.E.A.L Schools; we wish to meet those needs as best as we can. In doing so, it also serves as a wonderful opportunity for students to get involved in helping the needy and being engaged with them. In May this year, the Civic Department of[...]

R.E.A.L Reaches Out to Nepal

R.E.A.L Education Group raised a total of RM15,000 for the victims of the recent earthquakes that struck Nepal. In a space of just three weeks, two devastating earthquakes occurred near its capital of Kathmandu.  Upon hearing news of the catastrophe, students and teachers of both R.E.A.L Schools and R.E.A.L Kids, both part of R.E.A.L Education[...]