Cahayans Enlightened and Entertained by Putrajaya’s Charms

Earlier this year; a series of trips were organized by R.E.A.L Schools, Shah Alam Campus to the Federal Territory of Putrajaya. They were part of the school’s annual excursion programme that aims to extend learning beyond books and classrooms, while enriching students’ educational experience and enjoyment. As Malaysia’s federal administrative centre; Putrajaya is a sprawling, modern city that is worth exploring. Besides learning more about the history and function of the capital, visitors are often enthralling ed by stunning architectural designs and state-of the-art infrastructure.

2016_sa_putrajaya3Spread over a span of two months, a total of 325 Junior and Senior students from Shah Alam Campus were among these visitors. The students made five separate trips altogether; with each trip consisting of different age groups and levels from both the campus’ international and national sections. A host of activities were scheduled for the trip; which kept the students thoroughly occupied and entertained. Among them were the Sky Cruise, Sky Rides, Sky Warrior challenge and a treasure hunt.

The Sky Cruise along Lake Putrajaya lake is one of the main attractions of the Skyrides Festivals Park. It offers visitors breathtaking views of Putrajaya from a different angle. The students savoured the scenic beauty throughout the 20-minute leisure cruise; admiring the city’s iconic landmarks such as the Putra Mosque, Millennium Monument and the many, distinctive bridges that line the waterway.

Perhaps the highlight of the trip was when the students had the opportunity to enjoy the Skyrides Balloon which is regarded as Malaysia’s first and largest tethered balloon ride. Offering a bird’s eye view of Putrajaya, the balloon elevated the students up to 500 feet in the sky where they enjoyed an unobstructed, 360-degree panoramic view of the entire city.

2016_sa_putrajaya2Another major attraction of the Sky Rides Festival Park is Sky Warrior. Divided into two sections, Sky Warrior caters to older kids and offers 8 obstacles while SkyKids Warrior is catered to younger children but offers 15 different obstacles to tackle. The fun but challenging course tests students’ physical agility and ability. Intellectual challenge came in the form of a treasure hunt; in which teams were given 10 clues to unravel in order to find a key that unlocks a treasure box.

The above activities went a long way in fostering a spirit of collaboration as they encourage students to work together in solving problems and overcoming obstacles. Overall, the trip was successful in establishing good morale and a healthy rapport between teachers and students. This is essential for a holistic and active learning environment to thrive, while creating and maintaining a close-knit community within the campus as well.

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