Carving Potential Career Pathways

It is not surprising to hear school students, especially those from Secondary level, express their concern and worry on wavering plans upon finishing SPM and leaving school. In light of this, R.E.A.L National Schools, Cheras Campus took the initiative by organizing a visit for a group of its Senior 5 students to INTI International University to attend the institution’s Open Day. Held earlier this year, the one-day programme had attracted participation from 10 different schools.

The Open Day is meant to provide secondary school students with better understanding of the career world and develop interest in certain career pathways that would eventually guide their decision-making process. Through the various activities installed for the day, the Cheras Campus students were given the opportunity to improve their leadership, presentation and communication skills. Their participation proved to be a worthwhile one as vital information and facts of various career fields were unveiled to them as they prepare to embark into the world of tertiary education.

Upon arriving at INTI, the participants registered themselves and were duly divided into 20 groups. After the ice-breaking session, 12 groups were assigned to attend a business workshop while the rest attended an engineering workshop. The activities conducted at each workshop were crafted to provide better insight into the specified career field, thus catering to the participants’ career of choice. Commendably exhibiting the core value of Collaboration, the students had no issues cooperating with students from other schools while a few were even chosen to be leaders of their designated groups.

Apart from being informative and broadening the students’ knowledge of Science and Business, the workshops also served as practical learning platforms for students to polish up their presentation skills. R.E.A.L’s other core values of Character, Communication and Critical Thinking were also honed as the participants completed one group assignment after another. These essential skills will prove priceless once the students step into college or university life and subsequently, the working world, where a whole new (and different) set of challenges await.

A lucky draw session preceded the end of the programme. Hiew Shin Yin from ‘Senior 5 Wisdom’ walked away with the first prize in the form of an external hard disk. On the whole, it was a beneficial trip for the R.E.A.L students as they took home with them a more in-depth understanding of the various career prospects to possibly pursue once they graduate from school. With the substantial information gathered from this Open Day, it is hoped that the students have discovered their true interest and would go on to make wise and correct decisions with regards to their future course of study.

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