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(3) WHO’S DRIVING? : The Learner

Why do we respond to colours and music? Why do we have better memories of something fun, rather than something boring? Why do we do something better after doing it once, rather than by simply reading the instructions? Learning is innate: we are all born to learn, and we learn continuously through life. We naturally[...]

(2) GARDENING 101 : A Transformative Learning Experience

Transformation often requires a complete change in appearance or character. This makes it profoundly personal; focusing on one’s experience, insight and understanding of life. Transformation cannot be forced, but it can be guided and influenced. A seed cannot be forced to grow into a tree; but it can be influenced by the environment to flourish,[...]


Values define who we are. Whether by nature or nurture, having a set of core values forms the basis of any effort or aspiration we may have to transform lives and communities. Hence, the pulse of R.E.A.L Education lies at its core; or core values to be exact. These consist of Character, Collaboration, Communication, Critical[...]