Cheras Campus Inspires Innovation and Creativity through ICT

At R.E.A.L schools, we maximize opportunities to use technology in classrooms to immerse our students with elements of Information & Communication Technology (ICT). Earlier this year, the ICT department of R.E.A.L Schools National, Cheras Campus organized a string of innovative technology-themed activities for the school’s ICT Week with the objective of exposing students to the field of ICT that goes beyond the mere knowledge of tablets and smartphones.

The first activity lined up was the Inter-Class Robotic Competition for the Senior 1 and 2 students, which aimed to foster critical thinking and creativity by cultivating students’ ability to generate individualistic ideas and to broaden their perspectives. It also went some way in promoting the spirit of healthy competition while unleashing students’ true potential via their showcased inventions.

With computers forming part and parcel of daily life, a mini exhibition on IT components that make computers work was concurrently held. Despite the fact that playing computer games is a common hobby among youngsters, the functions and features of a computer CPU was somewhat alien to many. Therefore, to enhance their learning and understanding, the exhibition enabled students to assemble and disassemble CPU parts such as the motherboard, storage device, processor and others; as well as enlightening them on how to use shortcut keys and IT security, among other things.

Apart from these activities held at the school, a group of 40 Senior 1 students headed out on an educational trip to the KL Bird Park and ‘Muzium Telekom’. The students were excited to have been given the opportunity to learn so much about the history and development of Malaysia’s telecommunication industry at the museum and even got the chance to try their hand on a flight simulator. Meanwhile, the KL Bird Park offered breathtaking views of colourful and exotic birds via its main attractions such as the Love Aviary, Bul Bul Land and Flamingo Pond.

At R.E.A.L Schools, students’ holistic development through the above extracurricular activities is given as much emphasis as academic excellence. Programmes such as ICT Week are designed to provide a learning experience that extends beyond textbooks and classrooms. The robotic competition for instance, was successful in developing programming skills and creativity among the participants and audience. Through the competition, new talents were unearthed as they displayed their potential and prowess in creating functional robot models.

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