Crossing Borders & Transforming Lives in Cambodia

Field trips are a great way to learn about a new environment, either natural or manmade. They allow students to cross borders to gain first-hand experience. With this objective in mind, 16 students and five teachers from R.E.A.L Schools, Suria Campus, Cheras took part in the annual school trip to Cambodia from 2 to 6 November, 2012. This was also in conjunction with R.E.A.L Education Group’s objective of “Crossing Borders to Transform Lives”. Unlike last year’s trip, which was marred by heavy rain, this trip fortunately saw fair weather all round.

Day 1:  

The first day was fun-filled with activities that included quad-biking in the countryside. It was both fun and inspirational as it was the participants’ first ever experience in taking a tour of the Cambodian countryside. Along the ride, they got to see beautiful scenery such as the stunning view of vast paddy fields. In the evening, the group went for a boat cruise to Lake Tonle Sap, the largest freshwater lake in Asia. They then had a buffet dinner on the boat whilst enjoying the spectacular sunset.

Day 2:

(i) The students and teachers participated in community work at a school run by the `Happy Sunshine Organization’. They helped to paint the perimeter wall of the school.

(ii) The main task was to bring out the best from the Surians. This was evident when the enthusiastic students and teachers worked tirelessly to install much-needed water pumps for poor families in two villages that hardly had basic amenities for its people to lead a decent life. The students felt the whole experience was a wake- up call for them to appreciate the good life they are enjoying back home. The installation of the water pumps was completed successfully, and it demonstrated that with team-work and commitment, any goals can be achieved.

Day 3:        

A memorable visit to the Savong Orphanage and Savong School took place. These are establishments that are solely run by donations from individuals and charitable organizations overseas. Everyone was happy to meet the cheerful kids at the orphanage. After the usual formalities, the children were entertained to a wide range of activities such as the famous Gangnam-style dance and also traditional Cambodian dances. It was indeed a fruitful trip for our students in terms of experience and exposure.

Day 4:  

Group members visited the world famous temples of Angkor Watt and Angkor Thom, of which the architecture was simply magnificent, breathtaking, colossal and almost as ancient as the Mayan temples of South America. The group enjoyed every moment there with awe and wonder.

Day 5:    

The final day saw the group visiting the centre for Artisans of Angkor. It is a complex where artisans, who have skills in various traditional arts and crafts, converge from all over Cambodia. They are employed by the government to keep alive their national heritage. The skills shown by the artisans were simply marvellous and memorable. The visit was really an experience by itself. Students also attended a cooking class where they were taught about famous local spices and cuisines. Accompanied by a chef, they visited a wet market and learned how to cook famous Cambodian dishes.

Based on the success of previous Surian trips to Cambodia, and the enthusiasm displayed by the students, the Senior section of R.E.A.L Schools, Suria Campus, Cheras will be organizing another trip to the Kingdom Of Cambodia from 22 to 27 October 2013, after the PMR Exam. For those who are interested, please contact Mr. Victor or Ms. Elvinna at 03-9021 6012.

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