CSR is Part of R.E.A.L

Driven by transformation through education, R.E.A.L Education strives to realize our vision of transforming lives in every community through learning.

CSR is part and parcel of our business and existence, not a separate entity. This unwavering commitment gains us integrity and the trust of our valued parents and communities.

R.E.A.L’s sheer existence and growth is inextricably linked to CSR and vice versa. We believe in a shared commitment towards cultivating ethical values and integrity in everything we do. At the end of the day however, our aim is to merely practise more than just philanthropy but to educate, nurture and inspire future generations.

Principles of R.E.A.L CSR

Like every other endeavour, CSR at R.E.A.L is guided by a set of core values dubbed the ‘5Cs’ that lead us towards achieving our vision.

With education being the foundation for human progress, social development and the creation of a healthy economic environment, we will continue to provide quality and affordable education that engenders positive transformation.

Inherent in each core value is our commitment to be ethical, truthful and dependable which serves as a guide to making good decisions and conducting business ethically. Every year, we work closely with our communities and other bodies to organize various CSR initiatives to support a host of charitable, social causes. Through these mutually-beneficial partnerships or collaboration, our people also stand to gain fresh perspectives while developing leadership skills and teamwork.

Our CSR Approaches

We believe that R.E.A.L is ideally-placed to tap on its wealth of knowledge, talent and resources to serve the needs of its people and communities, especially in the area of ’Child and Youth Development’.


With education being a primary indicator of a country’s social status and progress, it is vital for us to continue providing precious opportunities to all and to make quality education accessible and affordable to the masses.

Essential Skills & Values for Leadership

To invest in the future of our children by empowering them with essential skills and character values that help realize their true potential.

Basic Needs & Educational Rights

In line with the mission of R.E.A.L Foundation, our objective is to help the needy and underprivileged in obtaining their basic needs and educational rights.

Family Bonding & Community Ties

A vibrant community begins with strong, collective family units. We strive to inculcate embracing bonds of relationships between child, family and community.

Sustaining Long-Term CSR

CSR efforts are only sustainable if it is ingrained into the very fibre of the business company’s business model and form a fundamental feature of its practice, philosophy and plans.