Cultivating Character and Camaraderie through Camps

Constantly seeking to broaden students’ horizons and engaging them in wholesome outdoor activities that serve to lift morale as well as build character and team spirit; R.E.A.L Schools National, Shah Alam Campus organized its third camping trip of the year in early May. This time around, a total of 350 Senior 1 to 5 students were split into two groups and headed towards their respective recreational destinations, namely:

  • Nur Laman Bestari in Ulu Yam, Selangor (for Senior 1 and 2), and
  • Kalumpang Resort & Training Centre in Kerling, Hulu Selangor (for Senior 3 to 5)

2016_cahaya_seniorcamp02Despite the different venues, both groups participated in similar activities throughout the two-day camp that include night walks, jungle trekking, obstacle course and ‘explorace’. In the spirit of healthy competition, marks were also awarded for each physical challenge with attractive prizes up for grabs. Overall, it was a thoroughly worthwhile trip as students gained essential lifelong skills and values such as teamwork, tolerance and respect through the myriad of fun and games.

Certainly, the benefits of camping are aplenty. Research suggests that camping creates meaningful experiences apart from home and the school environment. It is able to greatly influence students’ development in terms of self-worth, interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence or ‘EQ’. These positive outcomes would benefit them over the course of their lives. Essentially, camping allows students to:

  • maximize their time by being physically active
  • have an alternative to academic, athletic and social endeavours that shape their lives in school
  • do things out of their comfort zone
  • get away from technology
  • utilize their talent and skills in handling various equipment and facilities
  • make decisions independently
  • socialize and meet new people
  • experience the outdoors, and
  • establish new relationships

2016_cahaya_seniorcamp03Annual excursions to different locations offer R.E.A.L students a fresh, new outlook on life and the world in general. Their learning borders expand and are not merely confined to the school and classroom. Camping offers students an opportunity to appreciate and love the outdoors as well as their communities. In short, it represents what balanced, all-round education is all about.

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