Embark on a ‘R.E.A.L Learning Journey’

Embark on a R.E.A.L Learning Journey

On 28 November 2017, R.E.A.L Education Group officially launched a neweducational philosophy dubbed the ‘R.E.A.L Learning Journey’

Posted by REAL Education Group on Wednesday, January 3, 2018

On 28 November 2017, R.E.A.L Education Group (now part of Paramount Education) officially launched its new educational philosophy dubbed the ‘R.E.A.L Learning Journey’ at its new R.E.A.L Kids preschool centre at O2 Residence in Puchong South today.


Present to officiate the launch were Mr. Ee Ching Wah, President of R.E.A.L Education Group and Mr. Jeffrey Chew, Group CEO of Paramount Corp Bhd; witnessed by Mr. Kee Keok Kuay, Director of R.E.A.L Education Group and Ms. Chris Tay, Executive Director of R.E.A.L Education Group. The new philosophy is detailed and documented in ‘DELEARN-RELEARN: A Playbook for Learning’, which was also unveiled for the first time during the event, along with a showcase of R.E.A.L Kids’ new Gen 7 books and learning materials.


With a focus on “learning how to learn” instead of “what to learn”, the R.E.A.L Learning Journey is not just about imparting knowledge; it is about providing a transformative learning experience that nurtures confident, committed, and competent lifelong learners. While other education providers may still be into memory-based or rote learning, R.E.A.L gives significant emphasis and attention to the ‘Learner’ instead; thus placing the learners at the heart of all its educational efforts.


According to Mr. Ee, “After more than 30 years, R.E.A.L has decided to put together the strength of all our learning experiences and knowledge that we have gained and determining what is appropriate as we look towards the future. Our new book, called DELEARN-RELEARN, will serve as a compass to continue guiding and reminding us of our vision, mission, values, and deep appreciation towards education. The R.E.A.L Learning Journey meanwhile, will be our declaration of purpose and desire to provide education that nurtures graduates who are competent lifelong learners – transformed individuals who are responsible and productive members of their communities”.


“As education service providers, we aim to bring learning to every part of a child’s growth from early years or preschool, right up to primary and secondary levels. At preschool level, we intend to nurture confident learners, who are given freedom in their pursuit of knowledge. They are not bound and are able to unfold their wings and fly, so to speak. Then, when a child exits the school system at 16 or 17 years of age, we want them to be competent or self-directed learners who already know how to learn and have the motivation to learn,” he added.


Meanwhile, in his speech, Mr. Jeffrey said, “It is a privilege for Paramount Education to have R.E.A.L on board this year. With its strong track record, it allows us to leverage on and to strengthen our strong spectrum of educational offering; as well as to upscale our special capability and capacity in providing K-12 education while bringing R.E.A.L to new heights. R.E.A.L is an organization that is thriving while always seeking to improve in order to truly fulfill the needs of our future generations”.

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