Equating Maths With Fun

Healthy competition is always encouraged in R.E.A.L education. It is regarded as one of the effective ways for students to develop holistically as it keeps them on their toes at all times. This is achieved by constantly pushing their limits, while reminding them that there is always room for improvement in whatever they do.

Rather than comparing our students, we think of competition as a tool for growth and to prevent complacency from creeping into our students. In short, we do not want them to be solely contented with what they have accomplished.

At the beginning of every school year, the team of hardworking teachers at R.E.A.L Schools would organize various activities to make each year an exciting one. These activities are planned with a list of objectives in mind, with one of them being to educate students on the value of healthy competitiveness. The ‘Math Game Show’, which takes place yearly at R.E.A.L International School, Suria Campus, Cheras during Math week, is one such event.

Contestants are chosen at random by the teachers to improve the students’ overall participation and learning experience. The game show is divided into two categories, namely the Upper Senior and Lower Senior. This is according to their forms as well as to cater to the game’s different levels of difficulty in terms of the questions asked during the show.

This year’s edition of the Math Game Show started with a bang, beginning with the Upper Senior students. As nervous as they were, the students managed to perform their very best to represent their teams in solving the mind-boggling mathematical equations presented by the host of the show. The Lower Senior session commenced shortly after, with the Upper Seniors staying behind to give words of encouragement and support to their junior peers.

The show was not all fun and games though. For the contestants, it was no walk in the park either as they were subjected to challenging questions that truly tested their mettle in math. Their efforts were not in vain however, with the winning teams walking away with attractive prizes and all contestants presented with certificates of participation.

Being one of R.E.A.L’S 5C core values, the application of Collaboration can be seen in various contexts at R.E.A.L schools. It is important to always foster the spirit of working in teams as teamwork is essential to achieving collective goals and objectives. This often leads to bigger and better things. Hence, R.E.A.L education emphasizes on providing stimulating environments and diverse learning platforms for students to cultivate good values and practices that would stand them in good stead in life.

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