Installing Individuals with Trustworthy Traits

Positions of authority such as school prefects and classroom monitors always hold a special place and significance in a school system or structure. These select students are in essence, an extension of the principal and teachers’ arm in terms of maintaining order and discipline. At R.E.A.L Schools, this is no different. Prefects and monitors are valued for possessing leadership and communication skills, acting as exemplary role models to their schoolmates. As entrusted members of the school community, they play vital roles in ensuring that all rules and regulations are observed so that orderliness prevails.

In keeping with tradition and sustaining a steady flow of young leaders; R.E.A.L Schools National, Shah Alam Campus held its annual ‘Installation Day’ to commemorate the election of new prefects, monitors, librarians and quartermasters of the school. The campus’ Hall of Character was the venue which saw a total of 180 students being officially designated as paragons of student responsibility.

The ceremony commenced with the singing of the national anthem and school song, followed by a brief welcome address by Ms. Serena Chow, General Manager of R.E.A.L Schools, Shah Alam Campus. In her speech, she congratulated the new group of student leaders and wished them all the best in carrying out their duties and responsibilities to the best of their abilities. The morning’s opening entertainment came in the form of an upbeat Junior students’ performance.

This was followed by the event’s first highlight; the presentation of specially-designed name tags to the Senior and Junior prefects, which preceded the prefect’s oath-taking ceremony where they duly pledged to uphold their duty-bound obligations. A special performance by the prefects ensued, which lightened the mood and showed off a different side to the perceivably austere bunch.

More name tags were presented soon after; but this time to the monitors, assistant monitors, librarians and quartermasters from both the Senior and Junior sections. The ceremony then closed on a high note with a wonderfully-fitting performance by the Senior Prefects. Teachers and students were later treated to hearty refreshments to cap off the celebrations.

Such occasions are quintessential to R.E.A.L Schools’ ongoing efforts in nurturing future leaders through whom the fruits of character education are personified. Character is, after all, one of R.E.A.L’s core values. Thus, its importance towards achieving a balanced and holistic brand of education cannot be understated. May the new batch of perfects, monitors and quartermasters continue to embody this spirit in full and seize the opportunity to hone their interpersonal, communicative and leadership skills.

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