JB Campus Juniors Put on Splendid Show

R.E.A.L Schools National, Johor Bahru Campus organized its 3rd Annual Lower Primary Mini Concert on 7 October 2017. This year’s edition saw an outstanding increase in the number of audience as compared to the previous years’ concerts. Taking time off their Saturday, they were not disappointed as the teachers and students put on a wide assortment of captivating performances throughout.

The mini concert which was first organized three years ago, serves as a platform for Lower Primary students to showcase their talents and enhance their learning experience. This was evident in the three student emcees who represented each level; namely Primary 1, 2, and 3; and who impressively hosted the event in English, Malay, and Mandarin. A total of nine performances were dished out; including singing, dancing, drama, and a reader theatre that was conducted in the three main languages.


In his speech, Principal of the campus’ Primary school, Mr. James, said, “Education is the book of life and the student is the author”. Learning at R.E.A.L Schools is not limited to just the classroom. It is through experience that one can find a sense of identity, meaning and purpose in life. Students should learn to be resilient and should always be in the quest for self-discovery, healthy relationships, social development, and emotional development. In other words, both knowledge and skills are equally important in 21st century education. Fittingly, the mini concert went a long way in promoting students’ communication skills, teamwork, and positive character values.

“I am proud of all my students, especially the P3 students, for showing improvement throughout their learning journey at R.E.A.L Schools. To ensure a continuous effort in providing more active learning opportunities for students, we look forward to the next mini concert in 2018,” commented Mr. James further. It was a bittersweet moment for the P3 students as they knew it would be their last chance to participate in the Lower Primary event. However, their input and contribution would always be welcomed.


With the presentation of the best performance award, this year’s mini concert officially came to a close. The immense support extended by the students’ parents and family members had made this one of the more momentous events for the school in 2017. By bringing performing arts and students together, R.E.A.L Schools’ promise and practice of providing a transformative learning experience is truly alive and well.

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