Making a R.E.A.L Difference to IMC Children

In the spirit of giving during the recent Lunar New Year celebrations, R.E.A.L Education Group spread some festive cheer by donating RM10,000 to IMC (Individual Mentally Challenged) at its centre in USJ 4, Subang Jaya. The donation was made under the Group’s charitable arm, R.E.A.L Foundation, with the aim of replacing old classroom furniture such as tables, chairs and cabinets, as well as to purchase five new physiotherapy mattresses for the specific needs of students suffering from cerebral palsy and other physically-challenging conditions.

Commenting on the donation, Mr. Ee Ching Wah, President of R.E.A.L Education Group said, “We are pleased to be able to contribute in whatever way we can in order to improve the educational and developmental needs of the students in this centre. This is also in line with our own mission of transforming lives; not only through R.E.A.L Education but also through social initiatives such as this. One of our 5C core values, Collaboration, drives us to engage with our communities in a more beneficial and meaningful way”.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Raaginee Shalesh, IMC founder and principal said, “We are extremely grateful to R.E.A.L Education Group for stepping forward and making this generous donation. The centre always welcomes sponsorship in all forms to help our students nurture hidden talents and ultimately fulfil their true potential”. “This sponsorship would cover the purchasing of groceries and stationery, equipment for physiotherapy, raising funds for events, maintaining building and transportation assets, as well as recruiting volunteers to assist in both academic and leisure activities for the children,” she added.

According to her, IMC is a place where special needs children are not only provided with solid academic foundations but also trained to be independent and equipped with living skills. This is in line with the centre’s mission to provide a secure environment, challenging programme and undivided care for the betterment and development of these individuals.

With caring, supportive and well-trained staff who are on hand to meet the developmental needs of its students, IMC endeavours to instill good moral attitudes and modification of negative behaviour to enable special needs children to build up confidence, be productive and gain acceptance in society. In the years since its establishment, IMC has planned activities ‘based on capabilities, not disabilities’. In view of this, the centre always welcomes volunteers to assist in day-to-day training.

According to Mr. Ee, the work being done at IMC is inspiring and humbling at the same time. “With R.E.A.L too being in the field of education, we can certainly find common ground with all IMC staff while commending their tireless effort and dedication. We may only be here for one day, but these teachers are here every day, striving to make a difference in these special children’s lives,” he said.

Both R.E.A.L and IMC strive towards providing holistic education and ‘life-relevant’ programmes, as well as promoting sports as part of education. This inculcates independent thinking and living skills. Along with the shared belief that all children are unique and talented in their own way, special needs or otherwise, the engagement between R.E.A.L and IMC is set to be a truly fruitful and promising one.

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