R.E.A.L Essence

Results Enhancing through Active Learning

The essence of R.E.A.L is built on its name, an acronym which stands for ‘Results Enhancing through Active Learning’. In other words, R.E.A.L is transformation.

Every day, we are transforming into higher intellectuals and better people. We advance ‘active learning’ rather than simply ‘teaching’; with the former entailing a self-motivated thirst for knowledge that is only quenched through experiential and continuous learning. It is this educational philosophy that distinguishes us from the rest.

To promote positive changes in the lives of the people that are acquainted with R.E.A.L, we begin by transforming one’s self by constantly challenging norms through critical thinking and creativity, while cultivating the practice of continuous learning. We hope that even in the smallest measure, this could generate impact; whether as a student, parent, staff or the communities in which we are present.

Our success in promoting active learning lies in the Multiple Intelligences approach, which we adopt not only for our curriculums, but throughout our organization. By recognizing that each one of us is unique, we are able to capitalize on the diverse capabilities and address different individual needs, while unleashing inherent talents and potential which would benefit the person as well as society as a whole.

With R.E.A.L’s mission encompassing all our thoughts and endeavours, R.E.A.L’s vision aims to perpetuate this notion by establishing learning centres in every community. These efforts are guided by a set of core values that gives R.E.A.L its identity while providing standards of principles to strive towards.

Transforming Lives Through Learning

We are firmly committed towards fulfilling our mission of transforming the lives of people who are then able to transform communities and leave a long-lasting impact on society. The road of our vision is long and challenging, as transformation requires an embracing process of thinking and working in order to adapt to the right change in critical areas.

Our goals for the next few years remain equally competent and consistent. We aim to make palpable impact from our work as a quality education service provider by expanding our reach and educational efforts to wider communities. En route, we shall continue to create enriching values and extensive learning opportunities in forming lifelong learners as we ourselves continue to learn.

As educators, we believe that we must continue to transform if we hope that our students do as well. R.E.A.L Education will carry on recognizing the uniqueness of each individual, leveraging on the Multiple Intelligences approach to unleash the potential that lies within all, from toddlers to teenagers and adults. That is our promise to you and to us.

The 5 C's

R.E.A.L Education is built upon its core values, belief and practice of the ‘5Cs’; namely Character, Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking and Creativity. Like the palm of a hand, intellectual education serves as the foundation of our philosophy, while the five fingers on the hand represent the powerful 5Cs that are essential in shaping our people with relevant qualities for life.