Raising Awareness with ‘No Apologies’

Along with the continued, rapid rise of the Internet and technology as a whole, there has been a worrying increase in social ills among the youth. According to, “Juvenile crime has shot up to 7816 recorded cases, mostly involving school students”. As such, bedrock institutions such as families and schools have a significant role to play in preventing these numbers from rising.

In view of this, R.E.A.L Schools is always looking to do its part in curbing detrimental issues such as teen pregnancies and school dropout cases by implementing initiatives such as character building workshops and other social awareness campaigns. One such event which was carried out last year was the ‘No Apologies’ workshop at R.E.A.L Schools, Cheras Campus. The workshop was established by ‘Focus on the Family,’ a local non-profit organization founded in 1977 by Lee Wee Min. Its mission is to strengthen family relationships by providing support and consultation to those who need it.

For R.E.A.L Schools, Cheras Campus, the one-day workshop involving all Senior 3 students from R.E.A.L Schools National was essential in exposing the teenagers to the truth about life, love and sex, while helping them to make important decisions that might impact their future. It also teaches participants to manage their personal lives in a proper way and to make wise choices based on strong moral and ethical values.

One example of a social issue which tends to affect a majority of youths today is the Internet, which has benefited us in many ways, but also provides easy access to explicit content such as pornography. In this age of social media, youths are also more vulnerable to online dangers such as cyber-bullying, harassment and child predators. ‘No Apologies’ offers a character-based abstinence programme that gives much needed guidance to youngsters so that they make better decisions involving high-risk behaviour such as pre-marital sex.

With this in mind, ‘Integrity’ is one of the principles which R.E.A.L strives to instill as part of its people’s character make-up. As one of R.E.A.L’s 5C core values as well, ‘Character’ or character education forms part and parcel of the R.E.A.L Schools curriculum; ensuring that students are on the right path towards success and personal well-being. ‘No Apologies’ was certainly an effective effort in cultivating such good character, beliefs and attitudes; vital qualities which students need to safely navigate a course towards achieving their dreams.

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