Recognizing Student Excellence in All its Forms

From its inception, R.E.A.L Schools has pride itself on providing students with high quality education. At the same time, excellence in both academic and extracurricular endeavours are duly recognized and rewarded. The morning of 21 April 2017 marked R.E.A.L Schools, Cheras Campus’ annual R.E.A.L Excellence Awards where students’ achievements took centre stage at the school’s Hall of Character, including those attained in last year’s PT3 school-based assessment and SPM public examination.


The ceremony commenced with the singing of the national anthem which was swiftly followed by a welcome speech by Cheras Campus General Manager cum Senior Principal, Ms. S.P. Lee. In her speech, Ms. Lee touched on the new examination format and testing methods which highlight the need for students to practice Higher Order Thinking Skills or ‘HOTS’ in order to obtain distinction in all subjects.

The programme continued with the eagerly-anticipated awards presentation for PT3 and SPM students, which was punctuated by an entertaining lineup of student performances. All top scorers received certificates and cash rewards, in particular PT3 students who scored 6As and above and SPM students who scored 7As and above.


Up next was the CCA Awards for students who achieved outstanding performances and results in various co-curricular activities; stressing the importance of non-academic fields in delivering all-round, balanced education. Speaking of all-round quality, the Merit Awards was a fitting finale to the ceremony. This coveted award is given to students who exhibit exceptional commitment, performance and accomplishments throughout the academic year.

With the singing of the school song closing proceedings on yet another celebration of the school’s best and brightest, it is important to remember that success does not just happen. It takes diligence, dedication, passion and perseverance. Realizing this, the R.E.A.L Excellence Awards is a fitting testament to students’ hard work and determination in the pursuit of excellence.

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