RIS Cheras Students ‘Xposed’ to Real World Skills and Knowledge

Succeeding in today’s world requires more than just academic qualifications. Students need to equip themselves with a range of soft skills as well as creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. Aptitude needs to be complemented by attitude if one is to go far.

2017_ch_xtrategize2Realizing this, R.E.A.L International School (RIS) Cheras Campus recently collaborated with ‘Xtrategize’, a local strategic consulting and technology firm which conducts programmes that bring the real world to students in a fun and unforgettable way. This unique learning experience is designed to nurture and inspire fundamental competencies that today’s students need for success both inside and outside the classroom. These competencies include mindfulness, passion and originality.

This collaboration (the first of its kind involving Malaysian schools), saw the participation of RIS Cheras’ secondary students from Year 7 to Year 11, who were divided into groups and tasked with activities that honed their negotiation skills and resource management, among other things. They were even asked to plan and build their own ‘future city’; a brief which required collaborative learning and imagination to successfully plan, create, manage and sustain their city.

2017_ch_xtrategize3This was perhaps best illustrated when the students distributed tasks and assigned important roles amongst themselves such as project manager, city planner, architect and environmental engineer. Here, they learnt to find solutions and create innovations that could improve quality of life, advance economies and preserve the environment. Their presentation skills were also put to the test when each group unveiled the prototype of their future city and had to explain its concept and merits to the rest.

Seeing the various buildings, trees and even roads which the students created by merely using basic stationery materials was both encouraging and exciting. Such projects are definitely in line with R.E.A.L’s active learning approach; which is typified by engaging, hands-on experiences that empower students to take ownership of their own learning development. It is hoped that this mutually-beneficial collaboration between R.E.A.L Schools and Xtrategize will long continue and spur other similarly fruitful partnerships in the future.

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