Shah Alam Students Visit ‘Land of the Morning Calm’

In May this year, R.E.A.L Schools, Shah Alam Campus in collaboration with the Institute for Language Excursion and Exchange (LEX), organized a Korean homestay programme. A total of 8 participants, comprising seven students and one teacher from both national and international schools travelled to Seoul where their 5-day sojourn took place.

2016_sa_korea2Similar to previous homestays, the LEX programme places students with host families throughout the duration of their stay. The students then immerse themselves in all daily activities carried out by the host family members such as going to school and going on outings. The homestay aims to educate Malaysian school students on the lifestyle, culture, heritage and history of Korea while forging new friendships.

Upon arriving in Korea, the R.E.A.L group was warmly greeted by the president of the LEX programme, Madam Nikko. Isaac, one of the students who went for the trip expressed his intentions of joining the programme. “I wanted to experience the lifestyle and culture of Korea on my own as I have previously travelled to this country with my family. I was very lucky to have such a wonderful host family who treated me very well. They took good care of me and showed me the culture of Korea”.

Apart from visiting historical sites and tourist spots in Seoul, the visitors were introduced to the Korean education system in schools. Isaac gained first-hand experience of Korean schools when he joined Se Hyeon, a member of the host family, to school where Isaac took part in many popular extracurricular activities such as indoor hockey, baseball and swimming. No doubt, the homestay programme proved to be more than just an exciting visit but also an eye-opening and educational one.

2016_sa_korea3Mrs. Sherry Franciscus, the teacher in-charge of the trip, applauded the school for driving this initiative that broadens students’ horizons and exposes them to potentially life-changing experiences. She also expressed her delight and gratitude for being given the opportunity to participate in the programme – “It was certainly a wonderful experience for me. Not only was I amazed by the breathtaking views, culture and traditions of the country but also captivated by the warmth and friendliness of the LEX host families and their extended family members. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Korea”.

To read more of Ms. Sherry’s Korean experience, please click here.

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