SPM Results – A Springboard for REAL Success

For SPM leavers all over the country, 16 March 2017 was a date filled with anticipation and anxiety as it was the day when the SPM results were released nationwide. For students of R.E.A.L Schools, it was no different as they marked a milestone moment upon collecting their results; by closing the schooling chapter of their lives and opening a new one as they embark on college and university life.

R.E.A.L Schools continued its proud track record of producing 100 per cent passes in core subjects like English and even Bahasa Cina. Science subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology also received perfect passing rates at a couple of campuses.

It is also worth noting that this time around, a total of 30 students obtained a minimum of 6As while 12 students scored 9As and above. Kudos to all the top scorers! You have undoubtedly made the school proud with your excellent achievements.

Overall, this year’s SPM results were satisfactory, with marked improvements seen in several subjects in terms of both ‘A’ grades and passing rate. There is of course, always room for improvement in any endeavour and this was no exception.

Congratulations to all our SPM graduates for giving your best effort and for achieving your respective academic goals. The hard work and dedication of the entire R.E.A.L Schools teaching staff have to be commended as well, for continuing to contribute to the students’ quest for excellence.

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