Surians Brighten Up Orphans’ Day

There will always be needs within our community and for R.E.A.L Schools; we wish to meet those needs as best as we can. In doing so, it also serves as a wonderful opportunity for students to get involved in helping the needy and being engaged with them. In May this year, the Civic Department of R.E.A.L Schools, Suria Campus, Cheras organized a trip to lend a helping hand to Chrestus Orphanage. This was in response to hearing that the boys’ dorm of the home was unfortunately burned down.

Twenty Senior students from ‘5 Bold’ class gladly spent their Saturday morning at the orphanage which is located in Cheras. Upon receiving a warm welcome and getting acquainted with both the staff and young residents of the home, the cheerful student volunteers immediately got busy with cleaning and washing the premises. This was followed by the presentation of donations in the form of hampers, clothes and food via a buffet lunch which concluded the charitable event. More than just money and material necessities, the time which the students shared in getting to know the children and having fun with them was perhaps the most precious gift of all. All in all, everyone who was present had an enjoyable time in what proved to be a meaningful and memorable occasion.

This community outreach effort serves to highlight R.E.A.L’s ‘5C’ core values, namely Character and Collaboration. By helping the underprivileged and constantly engaging with our communities, we broaden our students’ minds, views and perspectives towards society as a whole and life in general. At R.E.A.L Schools, students are consistently nurtured to obtain excellence in both academics and character. With “Don’t Let Goodness Die” being the motto of Suria Campus’ Civic Education department, the school’s efforts to foster virtuous, lifelong values are truly alive and well.

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Spreading Kindness

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