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“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”              



Education at R.E.A.L Schools has always emphasized on character building while espousing the importance of collaboration and community values. With this in mind, the Civic Department of R.E.A.L Schools National, Cheras Campus, organized its annual community outreach project in conjunction with Chinese New Year. A total of 22 students from Senior 5 Vision paid a visit to two orphanages in February this year. Not for the first time, the selected homes were Rainbow Home and Chrestus Home in Cheras.

Visiting welfare homes and other charitable organizations has always been a staple feature of R.E.A.L Schools’ extracurricular activities which aim to encourage student participation in performing their civic duties and social responsibilities by helping those in need. This yearly initiative also sheds light on the plight of the underprivileged, which serves as inspiration for the Civic Department to not only offer assistance in cash and kind, but to also spend quality time with the homes’ residents.

True to the spirit of giving during the festive period, the students gave away ‘angpows’, hampers as well as various daily necessities and dry goods to the homes. The children were also treated to a sumptuous buffet lunch courtesy of R.E.A.L Schools. Throughout the half a day spent there, the Cheras Campus students were thoroughly engaged with the children by mingling about and talking with them. Some were also on hand to offer counseling, comfort and care while others entertained the kids with fun-filled games and activities. Upon getting better acquainted with the kids, the students realized that there is no such thing as unwanted children; just undiscovered families.

As the fruitful visit came to a conclusion, both parties felt heavy-hearted in saying their goodbyes. However, deep down inside they know that this would not be their final farewell as a bond of friendship has been forged between both parties. Moreover, the students departed with a sense of satisfaction and contentment knowing that they had brightened the children’s day and left a lasting impression on their hearts and minds. In the end, it was all worthwhile to see the smiles etched on the youngsters’ faces and priceless to hear their laughter resonate throughout the homes.

The Civic Department’s ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ initiative is exemplified by helping out those who are less fortunate; regardless of race, religion, age and gender. It also embodies R.E.A.L’s 5C core values of Character and Collaboration, while staying true to R.E.A.L’s mission of transforming lives and communities, be it through education or charitable endeavours. It is indeed heartening to see the spirit of volunteerism being alive and well amongst the R.E.A.L students who, at their tender age, have exhibited extraordinary and exemplary efforts that live up to their motto of ‘Don’t Let Goodness Die’.

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