Surians Shine at World Scholar’s Cup

Early this year, three students represented Sekolah Seri Suria at the Regional Rounds of the World Scholar’s Cup 2015. With the school constantly encouraging students to challenge themselves and to test their prowess with the best, R.E.A.L is proud to have a group of budding Senior 5 ‘scholars’ pursuing excellence and international recognition. The team consists of Priyanka V. Vania, Clarice Lau Le Yan and Fatimah Ezzahra bt. Zairul.

The World Scholar’s Cup is an annual worldwide programme that combines students from around the globe in debate with the aim of acquiring knowledge in a fun way. Its objectives are to motivate students of all backgrounds to discover new strengths and skills while inspiring a global community of future scholars and leaders. To achieve these objectives, the programme is made up of several ‘events’ which participants are required to experience, namely:

  • Team Debate;
  • Scholar’s Bowl;
  • Collaborative Writing; and
  • Scholar’s Challenge.

The Regional Rounds took place at Prince of Wales Island International School in Penang, with the four events spread across two days. At the closing ceremony, the announcement of the results saw the R.E.A.L representatives performing superbly as they were awarded with the following:

  • Priyanka V. Vania – Top 10 in Team Debate (Gold Medal);
  • Clarice Lau Le Yan – Top 21 in Collaborative Writing (Silver Medal); and
  • Clarice Lau Le Yan – Top Scorer from Each School (Gold Medal).

Adding to the Surians’ success is their qualification for the Global Rounds in Kuala Lumpur for being one of the teams that achieved over 20,000 marks overall. Many congratulations to Priyanka, Clarice and Fatimah on advancing to the next round! With motivation at a high and practice programmes and scheduled activities already in place to condition and prepare the trio further; the team is set on its next target which is to qualify for the ‘Tournament of Champions” that will be held at Yale University, USA.

Check out more pictures of this event on our Facebook page!

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