Surians Spread The Joy Of Light & Giving

To quote Plato – “be kind, for everyone is fighting a harder battle”. In this spirit of blessing, forgiveness and generosity; 24 Senior 5 students of R.E.A.L Schools National, Cheras Campus; headed by teacher Pinky Kaur Dhillon; visited the Chrestus Home in Cheras earlier this year to enlighten the spirits of the less fortunate and to promote the practice of random acts of kindness. The students had looked forward to meeting the children, aged between two and 17, and brought along ample contributions to help towards the betterment of the home.

R.E.A.L education encourages collaboration in all aspects of learning. We put great emphasis on how working together produces greater outcomes or results. Putting this into practice, the Senior 5 students worked together to gather plentiful donations at the school which comprised new clothes and other gifts. Upon arrival at Chrestus Home, the Surians were greeted by the welcome sight of bright, young eyes and sincere smiles. The visiting group even came with ‘Duit Raya’ in hand to serve as pocket money for the children.

The joyful day continued with fun activities and games. The children immediately warmed up to the students, enabling them to have light conversations on different topics and being engaged in planned activities throughout the day. As a token of their newly-formed friendship, it is symbolic as Malaysians to celebrate such special occasions with good food. The Surians did not forget this tradition and prepared a sumptuous lunch spread for all to enjoy.

Community events such as this build students’ character and broaden their outlook on life, teaching them the value of helping those in need. R.E.A.L education takes pride in producing individuals who are capable of imparting powerful and meaningful impact to others. We also focus on providing quality education that builds students’ collaborative spirit, instilling awareness of their roles in society and how they can make a positive difference.

When the moment arrived to part ways and say goodbye, both parties had a hard time bidding their farewells to each other. However, the Surians left the orphanage with a sense of satisfaction knowing that their efforts have left a long-lasting impression on the children’s hearts. All in all, the worthwhile trip gave everyone present a rewarding feeling and the humbling experience was one that the students would want to relive again soon.

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Spreading Kindness

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