Surians ‘Sweat It Out’ in Fun Fitness Campaign

A fit and healthy body helps the mind stay sharp. To this end, the Senior 4 students of R.E.A.L Schools, Cheras Campus’ Sekolah Seri Suria swapped their uniforms with sporting attire as they participated in the “Sweat It Out” campaign earlier this year. The fun workout, organized by SEGI College (Subang Jaya), is an initiative to promote a healthy lifestyle through dance.

2016_ch_fitness_02The 30-minute dance workout was led by Muhammad Joshua Jiau, vice-president of the programme and former student of R.E.A.L Schools. Several participants were finding their feet while others were in fine fettle as they danced to Les Mills Sh’Bam, which features 12 tracks of chart-topping hits chosen by the students themselves for this campaign.

Dancing is certainly an enjoyable way to stay physically fit and active. Needless to say, there are numerous benefits of participating in dance activities such as reducing stress levels, improving relaxation, strengthening bones and muscles and controlling body weight. After the revitalizing workout, the programme continued with a Q&A session and a visit to the CHi Fitness booth where students were taught on ways to improve their routine as well as healthy lifestyle practices.

While the primary purpose of this campaign was to promote health and fitness through dancing, it also helped to cement R.E.A.L Schools’ commitment towards providing all-round, balanced education to students. This means developing not only their intellectual faculties; but physical, emotional and social areas as well. Dancing is one of the most fun exercises to engage and encourage youth to achieve this.

Apart from its obvious benefits, dancing also serves as a creative outlet for students to express themselves physically and emotionally. The seemingly endless variations in dance movements and choreography are like blank canvases just waiting to be painted on. In many cases, dancing fosters collaboration, teamwork and social inclusion as well. All in all, the heart-pumping campaign had thoroughly achieved its objectives in spreading the healthy habits message – further proof that R.E.A.L Schools always makes fitness and wellness a priority within its community.

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