The Year of the Underdog for JB Campus Sports Day

The much-anticipated event of the year for R.E.A.L Schools, Johor Bahru Campus, the annual Sports Day, finally arrived. Held on 11 March 2017, this year’s edition of the event saw tradition and rivalry between the three Sports Houses rekindled. Students from the Green Gaia, Red Vulcan and Blue Poseidon teams, proudly painted the field with the tri-colours while exuding great enthusiasm and sportsmanship. Sports Day fever was well and truly alive, although originally ignited since the school’s cross country meet held earlier this year in January.

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The UTM Sports Stadium was the chosen ‘battleground’, with four busloads of students making their way to the venue in the early morning of March 11, all ready and raring to go. From the march past to athletics, everyone involved gave it their best shot to collect valuable points for their respective houses whilst being cheered on by teammates and spectators alike.

With the exciting atmosphere palpable and spurring the contestants on, each House went all out in creatively decorating their respective tents. The march past meanwhile; was an impressive display of discipline and cohesion. Brimming with confidence, the marching squads from the various uniform bodies, clubs and of course, sports Houses; performed their routine in perfect harmony with the beat of the regal drum. In the background were budding athletes who were warming up for the main events such as the 100-metre, 200-metre, relay and long distance finals.

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The two highlights of the day however, arguably belonged to the ‘Tug-of-War’ and Teachers’ Relay. The Green Gaians easily took the win in the Tug-of-War which earned them a massive 70 points. The Teachers’ Relay was highly entertaining as well, with students experiencing a conundrum of whether to support their Sports Houses or favourite teachers. In the end, it was the Red Vulcan teachers who emerged victorious by crossing the finish line first.

As the dust and adrenaline rush began to settle, it was time for the most eagerly-awaited announcement of the day. Hearts were pounding as the MC approached the microphone slowly, building up immense suspense as everyone was hanging on to her every syllable. Then, in a burst of joy and celebration, the Red Vulcans (billed as underdogs prior to the event) were surprisingly named ‘Overall Champions’ by raking up the most wins that include cheerleading, house marching and tent decoration. Meanwhile, the proud winner of club marching was the Karate Club while the Kadet Remaja Sekolah bagged the uniform body marching category.

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As the curtains came down on a successful Sports Day, the students and staff of R.E.A.L Schools, Johor Bahru Campus went home reflecting on yet another fun and memorable outing in their calendar. New sporting talents were nurtured among the triumphant while fresh interest towards a healthy and active lifestyle was renewed. Perhaps more importantly, the spirit of healthy competition and true sportsmanship was evident throughout; qualities which students are able to take with them way beyond their school years.

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